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Johan Wennermark is a Management Trainer and Coach, known for his interactive methodology, creative thinking and empathetic coaching approach to leadership.

Over the years he has acquired extensive experience in Training and Coaching. His specialities are Team Management, Conflicts Resolution, Employees Engagement and Negotiation. He has trained and coached HR Directors, Heads and Team Leaders, Project Managers, Start Up CEOs and Finance professionals. He works with people in Spanish, English and Swedish.

He has run programs in Spain, Poland, Sweden, India and to China (online). He also worked with international IT and Tech companies including Media Markt on behalf of Nexe, Caribbean Services, Flumotion, Xerox, Epson and Moet Hennessy (on behalf of The IT Training Surgery).

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Johan has a passion for learning and finding new ways to motivate and stimulate creative thinking and problem solving. He believes in empowering people through the Coaching Manager Style, by educating leaders to listen to their teams and make the most of their ideas, enthusiasm and desire to improve things. His trainings are hands on, entertaining, relevant for his audience and applicable in their day­-to-­day professional lives.

As a trainer, he aims for every exercise to be productive, allowing participants to put what they learn into practice. He always carries a stack of Post­It Notes to his trainings, to make them more visual, fun and easy, thereof his logo. He believes Post­Its are perfect for brainstorming, identifying causes, finding potential solutions, and to make flowcharts to better understand the process.

He began his career as an Accountant and later became a Team Leader. He managed multiple teams in Finance, Administration and A/P Systems. He worked for FMV (Swedish Defense Administration), ACS, Xerox, HP and T­-Systems.

An interactive and-positive team increases productivity yellow

Over 10 years in the Accounting field, he always aimed at finding good ways to solve problems and facilitate learning opportunities. He believes that a collaborative and positive teamwork creates higher productivity, satisfaction and a stronger engagement. He started giving company trainings and mentorship on Quality Lean Six Sigma & Continuous Improvement at Xerox. This lead to an increasing interest in the subject of training and coaching upon which he started

Johan holds a Coaching Certification from IEC (Instituto Europeo de Coaching, recognized by International Coach Federation). He is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and obtained a Certification in Negotiation Strategies and Skills with Yale and Michigan University via online.
In his free time he enjoys R&B music, video production and editing, playing football.

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