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Nervous about Job Interview?

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Johan: Some people they get nervous when they go for a job interview. What are some of the ways you would suggest a person to prepare in order to reduce nervousness?

Simplify your routine the day of the interview.

Kristian: The last thing I would do would be to do any last minute preparations. To take a good breather. I probably would, in the last hour, do something completely else. Something completely different to distract your mind.

So, you are mentally going into it more relaxed, instead of reading through the topic the last couple of minutes. I would probably just walk around, just to look around, look at nature and yeah, let the situation take it’s way.

Johan: Basically, what you are suggesting is that we should simplify our routine the morning or the day of the interview. This is to reduce the unexpected events or stress and not worry about studying their webpage in the last minute or preparing all my answers that could come up in the interview.

Trust your own qualifications. They brought you where you are today.

Kristian: I would probably mostly refer to the situation where you lose your keys. You can hastily start looking around. Day, hour after hour may be even day by day. And then the moment you give up and you give yourself rest. That will be the moment your brain basically starts. Like putting the puzzle pieces back together. And you will probably realize the spot where you can find it again. You rationally know if you are prepared or not but you cannot mentally prepare for the situation. So, for that I would say it’s probably better to give yourself some rest than to push yourself because you know when you are ready and the thing will take course in its own way. So, for that I would probably propose to just take a last couple of minutes to let your brain sort it out itself.


Johan: So, now we look at the second step of the process. You are over there, you are about to enter the interview, how to, what’s important to have in mind at that point?

Kristian: If I would be an HR manager. I would say that I’d probably be now interviewing the 100th person. So, I supposed my position would be a more relaxed one and hopefully try to transmit that to the person I am interviewing. Make sure they are themselves. So I can also have an inside look at what type of person I am dealing with. It is important as well to have a good connection as regular persons since I also would need someone suitable for the team. Not only for the position. I think that would be very important for me to know that the company I am recruiting for will get a great match for the person I have in front for me.


Kristian: Continuing with the same topic I would also probably like someone a bit more proactive meaning more like not only waiting for me to come with questions but also show some interest, doubts or even concerns regarding his/her future position. Show some sincere attitude and interests towards the company they might be working for. I like more the attitude, which shows “that makes you stand out from the crowd”

You are mentally going into it

Johan: How to stay relaxed during the interview? Or be yourself sort of where you explain things as you see them, you don’t try to impress the person interviewing you.


Johan: My main tip for people out there, nervous to go to an interview is that they focus on just being present during the interview. Connect with the person they have in front of them. Just let the right answers pop up when the question comes. Even allow some spontaneity and maybe before the interview starts there might be some space for a joke. Something you know that eases up the atmosphere and break the ice. It really gives a sense of presence and that you are there and that you are an important person and you are giving importance to them too. Not just trying to prove your CV.

Kristian: For me, a very relaxed way to go into an interview would be maybe to think about the interviewer as someone really funny or someone wearing something really weird, you know, just to lighten the mood for myself. The fact that I would be in a room with someone that is basically assessing my quality, what is my worth? That puts a lot of pressure on a person I was saying. So, for me it would be very important to feel the world doesn’t depend on it. Whether that conversation goes fantastic or it goes completely horrible. For me it would be very much important that I connect to that person in some way. It can be on a friendly level, it can be on a, you know, professional topic. Just something you have in common.

Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself. Mohsin Hamid

Also something important for me is to have eye contact with the person you have in front of you, showing respect, interest and of course honesty… You are there not only to get a job to get paid or to receive something from them. You are there to offer them something. They want to hire. And you are a financial benefit, or of many other benefits, which come to represent the company in some way. You show that you are a valuable person when you go there so, they, you have a lot to offer. And I think the way that you look at someone, the way you speak with someone and the way in the first ten seconds you present yourself securely that will make a big impact and not being nervous like, “Oh, if I make misstep.” No, just showing that you are of value and that the situation is beneficial for both.

Johan: If it’s done in a nice way, it’s even okay to interrupt the interviewing person, just to highlight something you understood or something that you want to develop further on later. Just to show that you are present and interested. Of course it would have to be done very respectfully.
The person now finds himself, herself/himself, the candidate (laughs)…. We should reinforce that….

Kristian: Okay…Like that (laughs)

Johan: Okay, let’s just make some background shots …Okay, now now!..

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